Good morning friends! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this very stressful and trying time for all of us. I just wanted you all to know that the store has been completely cleaned and sanitized and I prefer to keep it that way. As of right now we are just going to be closed this week, but I will reevaluate the situation this weekend. I will announce on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter when the store will reopen. If you have a dress on layaway and needing it out ASAP, please feel free to call me at 479-238-0009. I do have the store phone forwarded to my cell phone. If you have a layaway payment due, you may also call me on that number and we can take care of that as well. All consignor payout will be postponed for now, but I will announce when those will be available.

There’s so much confusing information out there depending on who or what channel you are watching, until our city, state and nation’s leaders can figure things out and give us more concrete answers, as soon as testing kits, cleaning supplies and protective equipment become more readily available to us, I plan on staying closed. This is going to be devastating for not just my small business but everyone else I know that is a small business owner, but I’m just not willing to risk your health and safety or my health and safety in order to make money. I have completely sanitized every item of clothing, accessory and purse, shoes and any surface in my store. I have bleached and washed and used Lysol everything!

I am hoping to do some fun Facebook live sales and ship items to your homes, so please watch our social media accounts for announcements and more information.

Take care, stay safe and #flattenthecurve #weareinthistogether

Love, Cari

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